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Norton 600 - Build

Norton 600 Build

The entire exhaust system has been hand built.

Norton 600 Build

The downpipes have been fitted with springs which reduces vibration whilst holding them in tight.

Norton 600 Build - Baffles

The baffles have been hand made.

Norton 600 Build
Norton 600 Build

End pieces for silencers being made on lathe.

Norton 600 Build

Silencer fitted with end piece.

Norton 600 Build

Silencers are held on with rubber mounted brackets.

The petrol tank, rear seat/light unit and oil tank have been hand built.

Norton 600 Petrol Tank

Petrol tank.

Norton 600 Build

The petrol tank cap and oil tank cap have been hand made.

Norton 600 Seat and rear light unit

Seat and rear light unit. Cutaway in seat provides quick and easy access to oil tank cap.

Norton 600 Build

Seat, rear light unit and petrol tank.

Norton 600 Oil Tank

Oil tank.

The forks.

Norton 600 Build
Norton 600 Build

New oil seals were made on the lathe.

Headlight brackets.

Norton 600 Build

The headlight bracket holders have been made.

Norton 600 Build

The bracket bolted onto the holder.

Norton 600 Build

Headlight in position.

End pieces for handlebars.

Norton 600 Build
Norton 600 Build

Top of the forks and the clock holders.

Norton 600 Build

Making the top of the forks on the lathe.

Norton 600 Build

Inserting decorative holes.

Norton 600 Build

The finished pieces in position.

Norton 600 Build

The original clock holders were one piece - they have been made to become two.

Battery holder, chainguard and footrests.

Battery holder

Battery holder has been hand made.


Original chainguard is used, it has been modified.

Lightweight footrests

Lightweight footrests have been hand made.

Mount for sidestand.

Sidestand holder bieng made

Sidestand holder bieng made.

Fitted with spring and sidestand

Fitted with spring and sidestand.

Sidestand mount and sidestand

Sidestand mount and sidestand bieng put into position.

nickle plated

We nickle plated these components on the premises.