Motorcycle Restoration Workshop Services

We have comprehensive workshop facilities and here are just some of the services we can offer:

  • Reboring – We can rebore and hone your cylinder barrel to exacting tolerances and supply you with new pistons and rings.
  • Helicoiling – We can repair stripped threads in most items. We are also very good at removing broken bolts and studs. We carry Metric, UNF, UNC, Whitworth, BSF and C.E.I helicoils in most sizes.
  • Cylinder Head Repairs – Valves and guides fitted, fins replaced, threads repaired including exhaust.
  • Exhaust Threads Reclaimed – We can repair exhaust threads on Norton and Triumph Twins or convert your push-in Triumph cylinder head to take push-over exhausts.
  • Welding – We can weld most things. We can repair aluminium cases, replace aluminium fins on cylinder heads, cast iron fins also repaired. All tinware repairs carried out. Petrol tanks-bottoms removed, dents beaten out and rewelded, leaks repaired etc.
  • Blasting – We can beadblast aluminium components – cylinder heads, crankcases etc. We can also shotblast tinware frames etc.
  • Component Overhaul – We can overhaul forks, hydraulic brakes, swinging arms, wheels, engines and gearboxes etc.
Broken fins on Ducati barrel

Broken fins on a Ducati barrel to be repaired.

Broken fins on Ducati barrel repaired

Broken fins repaired.

Blasted head

Blasted head.

Petrol tank for repair

Example of petrol tank in need of repair prior to respray. The bottom panels have been removed.

Piston being machined

Piston being machined for new rings to be fitted.

Piston being machined

Piston being machined